Friday, 10 June 2016

Me Made May 2016

Hello, hello! I've shocked myself by actually writing a blog post! Big thanks to Zoe for organisaing the Me Made May Challenge and to all the inspiring sewing people out there! 

Me Made May 2016 - My Pledge:

I endeavour to wear four me-made garments each week during May 2016.

How did I do?: 

I documented some of my progress on Instagram using #mmmay16. But I got a bit fed-up of posting and it was mainly due to the lack of choice in my wardrobe.  I was a bit ambitious with my pledge. Zoe, the amazing woman behind Me Made May, wants you to challenge yourself during this month. However, I'm seriously lacking in Me-Mades because many of the garments I've made no longer fit me. 

In February I made the decision to do something about the weight I hadn't lost after having my twins four years ago. I had felt quite low about my body for a while and knew that I didn't really need to be eating so much chocolate everyday! Three months of dieting later and I had lost the weight and I'm really pleased with myself! BTW I've still been eating chocolate, just not quite in the same quantity as before! Anyway, I'm feeling a lot happier about my body, but the downside is that most of my clothes, RTW and Me-Mades no longer fit. Some have been sent to the charity shop, or given away and some of the more sentimental items have been stored. 

So my choice was restricted from the beginning. Infact, it was quite lucky that I already had plans to make some items during May or I would have had even less choice! I made three new tops, started a dress and altered a top and a dress - quite productive!

I was managing quite well with my pledge until the last week when I just couldn't face wearing the same garments again. Possibly this was made worse by the fact that I could see quite easily on Instagram what I'd worn and worn and worn... I chose to wear some RTW items instead. So I admit defeat!


It's not a total failure. I've discovered that I need to make some more clothes! Shock! Skirts are a must. Some more tops. Jeans. Summer dresses too. 

I've known for a while, but MMMay confirmed that I prefer plainer fabrics (Gah! Don't hate me sewcialists!). Dresses that I have made in the past, for example the 1940s Tea Dress and this Dahlia, whilst both lovely, are just not 'me'. Because the fabric is not 'me'. There are too many different colours, the print is very busy and I feel very uncomfortable wearing them. I do love the fabric, just not on me. Hope this makes sense, but it is something I need to consider when purchasing fabric in the future. 

I do like bright colours and can sew with fabric which is not blue in colour!! I'm relieved about this. I also love fabrics which drape well. Rayon is my favourite.

I have some great fabric in my stash, so I'm going to try to shop from that for a while. It's definitely not a fabric buying ban though. I'm just going to be extremely fussy when selecting fabric and only purchase if I know I will wear it. 

Sewing plans:

I am now down to one RTW skirt and no Me-Made. I bought the Zinnia skirt and the Rosari skirt patterns. I really like the style of both and they look to be very versatile. I'm looking forward to making some summery versions very soon.

During May I made a few - Anges and a self drafted version of the Tiny Pocket Tank (because I couldn't get the bust darts on that pattern to work for me, but loved the shape of the top!). I've bought a couple of other patterns to try over the coming months, some are not very seasonal, so may have to wait a while (Coco, Astoria, Camas). But maybe Aster and Darling Ranges as a top might happen soon? Also the Bailen top, a free pattern by Pauline Alice.

I was halfway through making another Moneta when my in-laws came to stay as I had to clear out of the Sewing room (guest bedroom). Then we were away for a week visiting my brother-in-law in Bilbao, so I haven't had a chance to finish it yet...but this first and then the Southport dress, Adelaide has also been purchased (can you tell I took advantage of the 30% off on Colette patterns at the end of May?!). And Kim, once I have adjusted the pattern to my new size.

I like wearing jeans. I like how you can dress them up and down and mostly everything goes with them. I've got a nice pair from gap and one from FatFace. Actually, they are the only two I own now. This is not nearly enough for my needs!  I've got the Ginger jeans pattern and the denim to make up a pair. It feels like a committed project, so I'm saving it for the Autumn though when my children start school and I'll have 'nothing else to do'! I am also watching lots of Morgan jeans pop up and quite fancy a pair myself, however, RTW versions of this style haven't always felt right on me. More thinking required.


I have lots more sewing plans whizzing around in my head, including a coat for winter! But for now, it's back to printing out PDFs.

Happy sewing everyone x

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  1. Excellent MMMay work I think, and some really great sewing plans! Looking forward to seeing how they all turn out, especially jeans (as they're my next 'big thing').